The Productive Environment Process™

Increasing Productivity, Profit, and Peace of Mind

Strategic Organizing Solutions can help you and your company's employees create and sustain a more productive work environment. We accomplish this by organizing your time, space, and information, ultimately creating greater efficiency, less stress and a more harmonious workplace.

It's no secret. Companies lose thousands, even millions, of dollars each year through employee disorganization and stress-induced health issues. The Productive Environment Process brings together all the organizing philosophy, systems, and tools developed over 27 years by Barbara Hemphill, author of Taming the Paper Tiger, to bring productivity improvement to every individual in a business or organization. The value we represent to our clients is in providing systems that radically change workdays, increase efficiency, free up time, develop peace of mind, and lead to a more stress-free work environment.

Key to the process is the Interactive Productive Environment Platform™. This proprietary system has an ROI of more than 300%, pays for itself in as little as 118 days for the typical company -- and is guaranteed to improve productivity by 10-25%!

Our Productive Environment Process™ uses five steps to achieve your goals.

We help you:

1. Design your vision
2. Eliminate your obstacles
3. Commit your resources
4. Select your tools
5. Maintain your success

It's all about YOU

We hope you noticed that the key word in the above steps is "your." At the individual level, organizing is more of an art form because it's very personal. While half of our success comes from our five-step process, the other half comes from customizing the process according to individual preferences and goals. And when the goals of all individuals are met, the total company and its overall productivity -- and bottom line -- are also improved.

Here's how we use the Productive Environment Process to develop and implement the iPEP for you and your organization.  To determine the best approach to organizing your office environment, we first spend one to two hours at your site to conduct an initial assessment. During this time, we address the first three steps in our process:

1. Design Your Vision

We discuss your expectations and specific goals. We also determine how to measure your success in achieving these goals.

2. Eliminate Your Obstacles

We examine the stumbling blocks you currently experience in your workplace. During this step, we take a tour of your premises, get familiar with existing systems, and meet all the people involved in the project. We call this a Productive Environment Audit™. Depending on your office environment and the number of people involved, we can either meet with each person individually or as a group. The tool we use here is our Productive Environment Scorecard, and the outcomes for you are Productivity Benchmarks.

3. Commit Your Resources

In this phase we discuss the resources you have to invest in the project. These resources include budget, time, and personnel.

4. Select Your Tools

Based on your vision, obstacles, and resources, we then structure a Productive Environment GamePlan™ for implementation. This plan of action is specifically tailored to your situation and may include some or all of the following services and tools that guarantee success in managing paper, electronic files, and time:


• Productive Environment Day

• iProductive Environment Platform

• Paper Productivity System ™ (using the iProductive Environment Platform)

• Digital Productivity System™

• Productivity QuickStart™

5. Maintain Your Success

The final step is to verify that your goals were achieved, i.e., that the system works for everyone and that a plan specific to your needs is in place for maintaining success. This is accomplished with a Productivity TuneUp™ -- a personalized one-on-one phone or e-mail consultation.

You Choose How to Implement the Plan

After receiving your GamePlan, it's your choice to contract with us to implement the plan or train you to carry out the plan on your own.

All our products and services are 100% guaranteed. If you think we have fallen short of your needs or expectations, we will immediately address the situation or offer a complete refund.


Contact or call Strategic Organizing Solutions at (707) 425-4SOS and find out more about creating a productive and profitable environment.

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