Productive Environment Day™

Ask 100 people the question, "If you had the time, are there papers, files, magazines, media, equipment, or other items in your office you could comfortably get rid of?" In our experience, at least 99 of them would answer "Yes!"

The Purpose

The purpose of a Productive Environment Day or Office Clean-Out Day is to give your employees the time, the permission, and the resources to effectively eliminate anything from their office which can be tossed/recycled/shredded - or should be relocated to another person, office, or location - and to eliminate the necessity of moving anything that is not necessary to the organization.

The Process

We will provide a checklist of the 18 essential ingredients for a successful event. We'll work with your staff to customize promotional materials to educate employees about the upcoming opportunity, and to assist them during the event.

Prior to the event, we will provide a seminar entitled "The Art of Wastebasketry®: Sometimes It Takes An Expert to Take Out the Trash." This seminar will incorporate company guidelines for participants about how to decide what they should eliminate from their office. (Note: Our philosophy is "If in doubt, keep it!" - so you don't need to worry about people throwing away what should be kept!)

On the day of the event, we will circulate among staff to address specific issues and to implement the Productive Environment DayTM plan outlined in the 18-step checklist.

The Pay-Off

The pay-off for this event will include:

  • Reduced need for space and equipment for storage of unused information
  • Time for employees to implement the records retention policies that exist
  • Identification of records management issues which should be addressed for legal reasons
  • Increased ability of employees to find what they need prior to and following the move
  • An office that accurately reflects the high quality of service your organization offers


Contact or call Strategic Organizing Solutions at (707) 425-4SOS and find out more about the Productive Environment Day™ Program!

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