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  • Is Clutter Driving You Crazy?

  • Do You Want to Be More Productive with Your Life?

  • Do You Wish You Worked in a Productive Environment?

  • Do You Want the Environment of Your Dreams?


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getorganizedtoday_20Get Organized Todayis a key tool in building a successful life in order to bring greater ease and flow to your day-to-day living. Top organizing experts from across the country, including yours truly, collaborated to bring insights into guiding you toward more professional and personal organization and preparedness.

Collaborating with other experts gave me the opportunity to showcase – Creating a Productive Environment in 5 Steps – the method I use with all my clients.

With Get Organized Today you will manage your life in the best way possible and be ready to handle any situation that comes your way.

Special New Book price here:  $20   (Retails on Amazon for $24)


This book includes expert strategies to:

  • Capture the Vision to Create a Space You'll Love
  • Create a Productive Environment in Five Steps
  • Organize High Performance Families
  • Conquer Kitchen Chaos
  • Overcome Chronic Disorganization
  • Build the Perfect Closet
  • Organize From the Heart
  • Relocate and Downsize
  • Create a Home Office that Works for You
  • Conquer Paper Piles
  • Organize for Disaster and Be Prepared!
  • And more...


Experts in the Productivity and Organizing field and clients
have given Get Organized Today excellent reviews:

"Get Organized Today is a wonderful, practical book—pulling together some of the best minds in the industry to help you live a richer, more organized and more meaningful life."


"Whether you need strategies for restoring order at home or at the office, this beautifully organized (of course!) collection of ideas will be an invaluable resource to you every day."

— Julie Morgenstern, New York Times bestselling author of Organizing From the Inside Out and Time Management From the Inside Out

“Congratulations on picking up this book -- it’s a great step on the road to getting organized, so you can “accomplish your work and enjoy your life.  Read, learn, implement, and reap the benefits!   And don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it -- it's a sign of wisdom. Together we are better!”

—   Barbara Hemphill, aka “Paper Tiger Lady”  - Founder, Productive Environment Institute

“This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to get control and organize their personal or work space. I read Sandy Stelter's chapter, Create a Productive Environment in Five Steps, and decided to give it a try in my office. Following Sandy's advice, I used the FAT system (File, Act, or Toss). Some hard decisions, but I can now locate needed papers and have some clear spaces on the shelving. You can do it, too!”

—   Jerry Jinnett – Author, Business owner, author of Target Marketing, Small Business Development Center Business Advisor,


This book is great! It is organized so that I can go to one of the many subjects, each with its own special chapter, to find solutions to my organizing dilemmas. As my needs change, I’ll be able to find the chapter that applies to me at that moment. Just a quick glance of any chapter will yield some handy tips and techniques.”

—   Christina Blakeney, Executive Director, Napa Valley Museum

“Where else can you find such wonderful organizational advice in one place? Get Organized Today – smart, insightful and motivating.  It’s got everything you need to declutter and organize your life.  A great read!

—   Peter Walsh,  Peter Walsh Designs, Author of It’s All Too Much

Ready To Get Organized Today? 

Special New Book Price Here: $20

(Retails on Amazon.com for $24)

Yes, I'm ready to Get Organized Today!I am ready to learn how to:
  • GOTcoverCreate a productive environment where I can be my best
  • Get organized and help out our planet along the way
  • Be well-prepared for any of life’s unexpected emergencies
  • Fall in love with my home office



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