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Is This You?

  • Papers--newspapers, bills, magazines, junk mail--piled everywhere
  • Work surface is cluttered
  • Always running late and missing appointments
  • Your floor is so full of "important projects" you step on something no matter where you walk
  • Your daily vow is to get your life in order but you can't find your "to do" list
  • You have less time than ever to manage and organize all the added stuff in your life
  • You're so overwhelmed that you can't function

Get Organized... Get Energized... Get Relief!!

Almost everyone feels his or her office could be better organized, paperwork better managed, and processes more efficient and streamlined. But few are aware of the specific costs of disorganization.

You must invest time and money to save time and money. But simple steps can be taken while conducting regular business activity to get organized and stay productive! Help is only a call away!  Don't Agonize... Organize!

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Get Organized for Success with a Presentation by Sandy Stelter

Sandy Stelter JD, CPO®, CPES is an energetic, incredibly knowledgeable speaker. Her information-packed presentations engage and motivate while providing outstanding value. Committed to entrepreneurs and busy executives, she inspires them to work smarter, not harder, helping them to move from agonizing pain and total overwhelm to being more efficient, productive and successful in their businesses and their lives.

Sandy is an active member of National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), a Certified Productivity Environment Specialist and co-author of Get Organized Today. Recognized as an expert in her field, Sandy has received awards from NAPO and her Chamber of Commerce.

Sandy provides the know-how (or spark) that helps businesses and business owners flourish, developing and implementing systems for great efficiency and productivity.

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Get Organized Today book available


Attention: Home Dwellers, Business Owners, Active Parents, Busy People

SOS is thrilled to announce a new book filled with tips, strategies and solutions that work.  Get Organized Today is a key tool in building a successful life in order to bring greater ease and flow to your day-to-day living. 

Nineteen organizing experts joined together in Get Organized Today to bring you tips on being productive, organizing your paper piles, conquering kitchen chaos, building your perfect closet, organizing your garage, preparing for disasters, taking care our planet, having the home office you love and many others. 

To order your copy, click here


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